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Is Fytron the right software for your shop?

Fytron was built on the back of Arce Engines and many other machine shops that contributed to the beta program which flourished the development of Fytron into what it is today.
Fytron is made by Machinists, for Machinists.

  • Invoices, Estimates, Customers, Inventory and Labor Guide.
  • Engine Specification Sheets with Compression Ratio Calculators that can be attached to Invoices.
  • Balance Specification Sheets with calculated bob weights that can be attached to Invoices.
  • Over 150 Labor Operations to help improve the Income of Machine Shops.
  • Attach Pictures or Documents of Jobs to Invoices.
  • Tax, Shop Supplies, EPA and Labor Rate settings so you NEVER miss anything on an Invoice.
  • Integration with Quickbooks Online and a solution for Quickbooks Desktop to prevent double entry for bookkeeping.
  • Access from your PC, Tablet, Smart Phone or anything with a web browser.
  • All your employees on one system, anywhere, anytime.

Dave Using Fytron at Arce Engines

Watch and see how Dave makes it easy and efficient to process incoming jobs when using Fytron in his Machine Shop.

  • Create an Invoice and Customer as the job comes in.
  • Easily add Labor Operations and Parts.
  • Snap pictures and add them straight to the Invoice.
  • Start a Balance Spec Sheet and add it to the Invoice.
  • Start an Engine Spec Sheet and add it to the Invoice.
  • Switch between your Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone.

Built For Machine Shops...


Start an Estimate, Promote to an Invoice, Add Notes, Add Pictures, Add Spec Sheets, Email your Estimate or Invoice and Print.
Fytron does it all.

Labor Guide

Predefined Labor Operations with Hours to serve as a guideline for how long jobs should take. Combine these with your labor rate, and your shop will be making more money in no time.

Quickbooks Integration

Seamless integration with Quickbooks Online which prevents double entry from the bookkeeping side of your business. Also there are solutions to work with Quickbooks Desktop.

Specification Sheets

Document over 300 fields in the Engine Specification Sheet, including Static/Dynamic Compression Ration Calculations, which can all attach to an Invoice. In addition, the Balancing Specification Sheet can calculate bob weights for you and also attach to an Invoice.

Unlimited Users

Don't feel pressured by immediate price hikes if you need all your employees on the same system, we got you covered. If there is a massive of employees for your machine shop, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Anywhere, Anytime

All users that have access to your Fytron application can access the system on any device at any time, from any where. The only requirement is internet and a web browser!

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What Machine Shops Say

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